Your No.1 ‘Must Have’ Summer Purchase…The Trailblazer PICO!

Your No.1 ‘Must Have’ Summer Purchase…The Trailblazer PICO!

Summer is just around the corner and so as temperatures rise and plans are being made, there is only one purchase you need to up your grilling game and ensure this is your best (and tastiest) sunny season to date!

Say hello to the Trailblazer PICO, your perfect portable, tabletop charcoal BBQ. So whether you're planning to light up the grill at the beach, are having a picnic in the park, or simply out enjoying your backyard, the portable PICO has you covered.

And while its portability is of course a great feature, it’s by no means all the PICO has to offer. Designed and created by Trailblazer, an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial BBQ trailers for over 7 years, the PICO is the brand’s newest ‘pocket rocket’. The small BBQ with some ridiculously big capabilities and here are just a few of its stand out features.

Infinite heat control

The PICO offers an infinite temperature control mechanism which grants everyone a ‘grillmaster status’. This feature allows your food to go from searing hot right down to slow and steady cooking in a mere few seconds. This offers you the ultimate and easy solution for battling and escaping flare-ups and allows you to create multiple heat zone settings throughout the duration of your next BBQ.

A lower oven/grill area

While it’s small, the PICO enables you to multiply your cooking capacities with its additional lower oven drawer. This area, which is powered and heated directly from the above charcoal firebox, the lower, additional oven/grill area also comes complete with a height-adjusting perforated rack. This feature offers you four different heat zones for cooking, grilling, melting and warming your food which also saves you cooking time and clean up duties since all of your cooking needs can be met in one place rather than over multiple.

Table top safe

Ditch the disposable BBQ! The Trailblazer PICO is a grill that WILL NOT melt, burn or damage any outdoor tabletop. This game changing feature allows you to have fun and focus on your food rather than any potential picnic table damage that can so easily happen with some other portable or disposable BBQ’s.

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This portable BBQ is not only a powerful grilling machine but it also doubles as a full storage unit, offering you the space and compartments for everything you need for a highly successful BBQ experience. The PICO also sits comfortably while being moved around with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap. It’s a win-win!


The PICO also comes with its own charcoal scoop and grill scraper which will encourage you to regularly clean your grill and therefore ensures maintenance of it is of ease.
The removable lid, tray, grill and firebox parts are also dishwasher friendly- how much easier could it get?

As the first retailers in the UK to carry the Trailblazer PICO, it’s important to note there really is no market comparison for it. Easy, effortless and stylish, this pocket rocket of a BBQ is the perfect finishing touch to all of your summer plans.