Best foods for camping!

Best foods for camping!

So, you’ve packed your tent, your sleeping bag and all the other essentials for camping… but what food do you bring?

Firstly, it’s a good idea to bring food that won’t spoil quickly and food that can be cooked on either a BBQ or a portable cooking stove. Here are some of our top food related tips that will help to keep your tummies full and your spirits high while out hitting the trails or lying low at a campsite.

Tinned Foods

Nutritional, easy to pack and non-fragile: tinned foods are the perfect option for camping. Nowadays you can get almost anything in a tin, but for your next outdoor adventure, we would recommend tinned fish, vegetables, beans, and soups for a healthy and wholesome diet that will keep you energetic on your trip.Some tinned foods such as beans pair perfectly with a jacket potato to make you a cosy and sustaining meal.

Dry Cupboard Food

The best food to bring camping often includes items that you would find in your kitchen cupboards. They’re good because they are unlikely to weigh too much and they’re also much less inclined to spoil quickly.

This means that items such as pasta, rice, potatoes, cereal, and crackers are all your best friends for your upcoming camping trip. These carbohydrates will keep you satisfied and feeling fuller for longer.

Cereal is perfect for meals or for snacking and, when paired with some dried fruit, it will keep you going for a long time. Cereal bars are also perfect for on the go, or pack a little dark chocolate for a sweet treat that will give you a burst of energy!

Home Cooked Meals

If you have an adequate cool box, it can also be a great option to pre-prepare some meals at home and then take them camping with you. Not only does this make things nice and easy for you when you reach your campsite, but there is also nothing better than a home-cooked meal after a long day, especially as the air gets cooler in the evenings.

Your favourite snacks

Let’s not forget the most important food group- Snacks! You want to enjoy your camping trip so while it’s good to pack nutritious, long lasting, easy to carry meals that will sustain you, remember to also pack your favourite treats that you can enjoy either while on your hiking breaks, at the end of the night before bed or as a reward for putting up your tent in record time.